Apple iPhone SE Is Not For The Mid-Market

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What is there not to like about the Apple iPhone SE? Well, for the majority of the critics, it is the price of the device. The iPhone SE might be Apple’s cheapest smartphone but it is still considered as expansive due to the underwhelming offerings.

Up until today, we can’t understand what the critics are saying because in our eyes, the iPhone SE is a great device. The SE is built with the same hardwares that are equipped on the flagship iPhone 6S thus it is 20% faster than the iPhone 6 and is also more powerful than the flagships from Android.

In addition to that, the 64GB iPhone SE is $20 cheaper than the 64GB iPhone 6. It obviously says that the issue here is with the iPhone SE’s small 4” display. For the critics, small screen must be cheap and built for the midrange market but this is not the case for the iPhone SE.

The device might have a small display and small price tag but this does not mean that it is a mid-market phone. We would love to hear what you think of the iPhone SE.