Apple iPhone SE: Missing Mini & Obsolete Compact Returns Free Pass

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What is there not to like about the latest Apple iPhone SE? Being a fan of small devices, we see the iPhone SE as the best small-screen smartphone in the industry today.

The iPhone SE may be small in size but it is not a joke on the performance front. The device actually shares the same hardwares with the iPhone 6S hence it is really fast. The only setback for the majority of the consumers is with the small screen size but this is labelled under users preferences.

On top of it all, the iPhone SE has no real rivals to compete with. The Sony Xperia Z Compact series are no longer getting a successor and the Samsung Galaxy S Mini-series is still missing from action.

The absence of the small screen heavyweights allows Apple to tap on a niche market that still has a large fanbase. Until a small rival is to appear, the iPhone SE will get to enjoy a free pass on the sales front.