Apple iPhone SE Morphed Into A Tablet

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About a year ago, Apple launched the iPhone SE, which is a phone that is made to serve a niche market. The device features a 4” display and it is priced considerably lower than the iPhone 6S but this does not mean that the SE is a weak phone.

Despite being cheaper to own, the iPhone SE can perform better than the iPhone 6S and this is thanks to its smaller size and similar hardwares. So when we learned that the all-new 2017 iPad is nowhere near as good as the iPad Pro, we can’t help but feel that Apple is into something different with the tablet.

The new iPad is as fast as the iPad Pro but it is more limited in functions when compared to the high-end tablet from Apple. The 2017 iPad features a 9.7” display but it does not support Apple Pencil or a Smart Keyboard.

Hence, it is perhaps right to describe the new iPad as the iPhone SE that is morphed into a tablet. The iPhone SE may be a great performer but its functions are more limited when compared to the flagship iPhones. What do you think?