Apple iPhone SE Review: Better Than iPhone 6?

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Back in March this year, Apple launched a brand new smartphone called the iPhone SE. The device is viewed by many as Apple’s budget phone since it comes with a small 4” display and is also the cheapest new iPhone in the market right now.

Well, thinking of the iPhone SE as a budget device is a bad call to make as it will make the phone look expansive. The way we see it, the iPhone SE is a scaled down version of the flagship iPhone 6S. Both devices share the same chipset and they return and equal performance.

This means that the iPhone SE is about 20% faster than the older flagship, the iPhone 6. The best part of them all is that the iPhone SE is about $20 cheaper than the iPhone 6. The 64GB iPhone SE retails at only $499.

We are personally pleased with the iPhone SE as we prefer a smaller screen device with flagship performance to go with our iPad Pro. But of course, it all still comes down to preferences. Do you prefer cheap, fast and small iPhone SE or a large screen phone?