Apple iPhone SE Sequel Teased In An Unusual Way

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There are many ways to predict Apple’s future product and among them is through checking out what kind of offers are on the shop at the moment. For example, back when the iPhone 6 was about to make its official unveiling, the major retailers suddenly threw a massive promotion on the older iPhone 5S.

The move is described as shrewd way to clear off old inventories to make room for newer products. With this in mind, we can’t help but assume that the iPhone SE 2 may just get unveiled at the rumoured Apple event taking place this month.

The rumours indicated that the event will see Apple focusing on their tablets and this is backed up by several prolific industry insiders. Even so, we don’t see any wrong in adding the iPhone SE 2 into the mix.

To further strengthen the speculations, Target had just restocked on the iPhone SE thus hinting that the product clearance phase is now in progress. At this rate the iPhone SE 2 will just make it out sooner than expected.

The SE 2 is something many would love to have due to the scarcity of phones with a small display. For the fans, all they are hoping for the SE 2 to come with a larger minimum display. 16GB base storage on the original SE is just not enough.