Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6: Performance vs Size

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The latest Apple iPhone SE was launched back in March this year and it is the cheapest new iPhone available today. The low pricing for the SE is because of the device’s small display, which measures at 4”. But if you have to decide between the SE and the iPhone 6, which would you choose?

On the specs sheet, the iPhone SE is the more attractive device as it relies on the latest Apple A9 chipset. This is the exact same processor that is found on the flagship iPhone 6S hence the iPhone SE is about 20% faster than the iPhone 6.

The 64GB iPhone SE retails at $499 and this is about $20 cheaper than the iPhone 6. For the consumers, this is still quite expansive since the iPhone SE only have a 4” display. Well, such a setp should please the loyal fans of the late Steve Jobs as well as those that prefer a small phone.

The way we see it, the choice comes down to personal preferences. If you prefer faster performance and small phones, than the iPhone SE is the obvious choice here. Otherwise, you can settle or 20% slower performance and enjoy the larger screen on the iPhone 6.