Apple Lowering Expectation For iPhones

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It looks like Apple is finally excepting the fact that they might not be able to sell as many units of the Apple devices as they used to as the company has just changed the guidance for their first fiscal quarter of 2019.

The new guidance showed that Apple is now expected about $84 billion in revenue instead of $93 billion as stated in the past. According to Tim Cook, there are a few reasons why they had to revise this with one of them being fewer iPhone upgrades than they had anticipated.

There were already reports suggesting that Apple is not selling as much Apple iPhones as they used to and that the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR sales did not reach the level they had anticipated. People were even more convinced when Apple started offering discounts for the Apple iPhone XR so soon after it was released as Apple is not one to simply give out discounts.

Do you think there is anything Apple could do to turn things around?