Apple MacBook Could Get OLED Display?

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Apple expected their iPhone X to do much better than it did and because of that Apple ended up having to cut their OLED orders with Samsung and Samsung is not too happy about that.

According to ETNews, Samsung wants Apple to pay a fee for not ordering as much as they promise but Apple might have something else to offer in return. It was reported that Apple is offering an alternative for Samsung. Instead of paying the fine, they want to buy more OLED panels from Samsung.

At this point, we do not know what Apple will be using the OLED panels for but it is believed that it could be for their tablet or laptops. if that is the case, we might see the OLED panel being offered on the Apple MacBooks and Apple iPad tablets.

Of course, Apple and Samsung are still in the midst of discussing right now and we still do not know how the outcome will be like so let’s sit tight and wait.