Apple Wants A Piece Of The Gaming Pie?

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We have already heard what Google plans to offer with their Google Stadia and now it looks like Apple might also have a gaming service of their own to announce.

It was reported that Apple could be working on a premium gaming subscription service of its own for the App Store. However, unlike some of the service we have been seeing so far, the Apple version will not be a cloud-based system.

What Apple is looking to do is bundle a few games together and give their iPad and iPhones users free monthly access to the selected games. The developers will then be paid based on how many hours their subscribers played the game for. It was also added that the game will only be paid games which means free games like the Super Mario Run will not be part of it.

Of course, it is still too early to start speculating right now and we still do not know what to expect but we should learn more when Apple announces it at the event on the 25th of March.