Apple’s TV Service Will Not Be A Netflix Rival

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Talks about Apple working on a TV Service of their own have been going on for some time now and Apple will finally be ready to talk more about it this month. Here is what we know about the TV service right now.

Despite what the rumors were suggesting, the Apple TV service will not be coming in to compete with Disney, Hulu or Netflix, instead, they will be focusing on helping others sell streaming video subscriptions and taking a cut from it. They could also sell their own show but that is not the core of the TV Service.

That does not sound too different than what Apple has been offering but instead of selling TV subscription apps with million more apps in its main app store, Apple wants to have a place for their Apple TV Box and Hardware users and they can then offer their users bundles of channels at a lower price than if you get them one by one.

Of course, they might still go after Netflix in the future but for now, they are staying away from that battlefield.