AT&T Cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold After Missing Launch Date

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A lot of us were looking forward to seeing what the new Samsung Galaxy Fold will have to offer and many even felt like this would be the start of something exciting but it looks like we might have all jump the gun on this one.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold did not arrive as smoothly as Samsung was hoping it would. After all the display issues, Samsung had to push the release back a little and while they seem confident that they will release it, it looks like AT&T is done waiting.

It was reported that AT&T will be canceling all pre-orders of the devices. Besides refunding their customers, they will also offer them a $100 AT&T promo card.

AT&T is not the only one that has canceled the pre-orders as Best Buy and even Samsung has canceled the pre-orders. Samsung still does not have a date for when they will release the Galaxy Fold yet so all we can do now is wait.