Blackberry Embracing The Ghost Of Its Past!

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Blackberry is not doing fine in the smartphone scene as their products are unable to make gains in the market share. Much like how it is for rival tech manufacturers that have got a strong history in the industry, Blackberry is on a decline as consumers are shackled with Samsung and LG.

Even so, the Canadian tech giant is not calling quits just yet and they will continue to release new products annually to cater to their loyal customers. Their next major product was teased earlier today and it is codenamed Ghost.

The Android-powered phone from Blackberry will have a bezel-less setup to stick with the current trends and it is confirmed to go on sale on selected markets.

The details are unclear at the moment and we are unsure if the name Ghost to live onto the finalized product. After all, the name would make complete sense as it will suggest that Blackberry is now a ghost of their past glories.