Don’t Buy The iPhone SE Yet!

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Back in the month of March this year, Apple launched the all-new iPhone SE. The device features a 4” display but despite its size, the SE is as powerful as Apple’s previous flagship phone, the iPhone 6S.

Today the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are now a lot cheaper to own as Apple has commenced selling them in refurbished forms. The price for the refurbished iPhone 6S starts at $449 for the 16GB model and this is about $100 cheaper than a brand new unit.

It is pretty easy to calculate your savings with a refurbished device as all the models sold are basically $100 cheaper than their brand new counterpart.

If you wish to enjoy more savings, your best bet is with the iPhone SE. While the device may still be the cheapest phone on Apple’s active line-up, you should still not rush your purchase because you can enjoy more savings in the near future.

Apple has yet to announce it yet but the iPhone SE refurbished models are bound to hit the market before the end of this year and it may see the device going off from as little as $299 for the 16GB model. We will update you once the iPhone SE refurbished turns active on the store.