Figures Confirm That iPhone 7 Has Humbled The Galaxy S7

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The official numbers are out. We can now confirm that more Apple iPhone 7 were sold in Q4 2016 than the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is really important as the success of the iPhone 7 puts Apple back at the top of the overall sales charts in the smartphone industry after years of coming in second.

The exact figures are revealed to be 76.8 million Samsung Galaxy S7 sold and this is about 0.2 million short of what the iPhone 7 has achieved. The only common ground here is that both smartphones confirmed growth for their respective companies.

While Apple may have beaten Samsung in 2016, their position at the top is still very vulnerable as having 200,000 more smartphones sold is not a gap which can allow them to be at ease.

Hence, 2017 is going to be a highly tense year for both Samsung and Apple as the two tech giants are likely to go all-out to outdo each other.