Fitbit Inspire HR: What We Know Now

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Those looking for a new fitness tracker might think that this is the time to rejoice as Fitbit has just release the new Inspire and Inspire HR fitness tracker but before you get too excited, let us remind you that you probably can’t buy this.

Instead of releasing it to the public, the Inspire and Inspire HR are only available through the Fitbit corporate channels and their wellness, health plan and health system partners which means you will only get one if your company launches a new wellness initiative.

The Inspire fitness tracker will come with the usual activity and sleep tracking and can be taken for a swim. A single charge will give you about 5 days of battery life while the touchscreen display support calls, text and calendar.

The Inspire HR, on the other hand, will come with some additional features like the 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and more. It can also connect to your smartphone and use the GPS to map your runs.

We do not know if these will ever be offered to the consumers but we sure hope so.