Fortnite iOS Could Have Avoided Major Bug

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Some iOS players are reporting that there seems to be a bug with the FaceTime features in Fortnite but according to one Fortnite player, the issue could have been avoided if only Apple paid more attention.

Wall Street Journal reported that a 14-year-old player named Grant Thompson discovered the issue when he tried to set up a FaceTime group conversation with his friends some time ago. After encountering the bug, he and his mon tried to contact Apple support and even going as far as to inform the Apple security team of the issue.

However, Apple did not take the bug seriously until it becomes a public issue. Fans have reported that they could call up another person using FaceTime and hear the receiver’s audio without the knowledge of the recipient.

Since the bug has blown up, Apple has responded by saying that they are working on a fix that will be coming soon. To be really safe, you might want to disable FaceTime before the fix arrives.