Google Android Q Wants To Be More Inclusive With Emojis

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Google definitely had a lot to announce at Google I/O this year and while some of those announcements might not be as interesting the Android Q or Pixel 3a, it is still pretty important like the new emojis that Google will be adding to their Android OS.

According to Google, they will be 53 new gender-fluid emoji that will be available when the new Android Q OS arrives. The emoji will come with the beta as well so testers can check it out.

Some of the new emojis that will be more gender inclusive includes the Dracula emoji. Instead of a bow-tie and choker, the new Dracula will have an androgynous chain. Of course, it is far from complete yet as Google did say that Gender is complicated that it is hard to communicate everything with one image but at least they are heading towards the right direction.

We might see more added in the future. What do you think of Google releasing these new emojis?