Google Hops On The Avengers Train!

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It feels like all everybody wants to talk about now is Avengers and it looks like even Google does not want to miss out on the action as some people discovered that the tech company has hidden a few Easter Eggs in their search results. Here is how you can find them all.

If you google Thanos, not only will you get the standard information of the purple villain but you might also see an animated Infinity Gauntlet in the information box on the right. Click that and it will be like you have snapped your search results away.

You will see that your search results will start fading away similar to how some of the heroes were snapped away in the last movie. Google also added one neat touch to it all and that is to cut the search result number by half.

As interesting as it is, some people are saying that they could not find the Easter Egg while others said they manage to do it once but could not do it again. Why don’t you try it out and tell us if it is still working for you?