Google I/O Won’t See Next Nexus Device, Here’s Why

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We are exactly 5 days away from the annual Google I/O conference and tech fans really can’t wait for it. Google is expected to go into the event to announce on Android N and it will finally see a confirmed name for the future OS.

If you are anticipating for an announcement on the next Nexus smartphones and tablets, you could be in for a disappointment. This is because it is highly unlikely for a new Nexus device to get announced at the I/O Conference.

If past I/O Conferences are to be referred to, Google never once announced on a new device at the event. Instead, they only do so in fall. This means that you will have better luck hearing about the future Nexus products in the fall of this year instead of the I/O Conference.

Of course, we could be wrong and Google could surprise us all with a Nexus unveiling at the conference. The only way to find out is to catch the event but don’t expect too much.