Google Maps: Public Transport Users Will Find More Use For It Now

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While the current Google Maps already have some public transport features, it is very limited and basic but Google is looking to improve on that as the company announces that the next update for the Google Map will greatly improve the public transportation feature on the app.

According to Google, the update will bring in the new live traffic delay updates for the app so users can actually know that the bus will be late and how long more will they have to wait for the bus to arrive.

The other features that fans can look forward to seeing are the crowdedness prediction where the app predicts how much people are in the public transport so we already know how packed it is going to be before it arrives. The user can then use the information to decide if they want to squeeze in or wait for the next bus or train to arrive.

This features will be added to the app in almost 200 cities around the world right now so check it out if you have it.