Google Pixel 3 Launch Location Is In France?

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Apple is hogging on the headlines at the moment as they are on the verge of launching the next-gen iPhones and this is bothering a section of the crowd that dislikes the iOS-powered device.

Well, if you’re not into Apple and are looking forward to the next-gen Pixel phones, you should know that a new piece of information on the Pixel 3 has surfaced online a few hours ago.

It was revealed by Google in a statement that they will be holding a big event on October 9 next month and the happening will be held in Paris, France. The details of the event were not revealed by Google but the tech giant did call for smartphone lovers to look forward to it.

This statement is enough to convince us that Google will be launching the Pixel 3 in Paris next month and it will give them the opportunity to take away the limelight that is stuck on the next-gen iPhones.