Google Pixel 3 Won’t Feature Gorilla Glass 6?

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Corning is the go-to company for smartphone protective display glass and the corporation had just brought out a revolutionary new product. It was revealed last week that Gorilla Glass 6 has commenced mass production since June and it will bring improved durability on smartphone display.

The timing of the reveal got many expecting Google to offer Gorilla Glass 6 with the highly-anticipated Pixel 3. The upcoming flagship will be making its debut within a month from now and it can look forward to better reception from the public by being the first to feature Gorilla Glass 6.

But then again, this now looks unlikely to happen as it was reported that OPPO will be first to offer the new display in the market. The tech giant will equip Gorilla Glass 6 on their next major flagship that is due to arrive in late September.

Of course, nothing is official as of yet and Google may end up handing the world a surprise with Gorilla Glass 6. Only time will tell on this.