Google Pixel 4: All The Information We Have Now

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The time for a new Pixel smartphone from Google is almost here. Not only did we see a few leaked images of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone but Google themselves have also released a new render of the device on their own to combat the leaked images.

Unlike the last few times, Google really wanted to take control of the release this time and since it was already leaked, they decided that it might be better to just release a new teaser for us to see.

While the render does not reveal all the details, it does give us some additional information like the square camera hump in the back which will be where the dual camera will be fitted on along with an LED flash and a sensor although we still do not know what the sensor will before.

We also did not see any fingerprint sensor which suggests that the new Pixel 4 could come with an in-display fingerprint scanner similar to what Samsung is already offering right now.

While the previous models were all given a two-tone design, Google has confirmed that this will only have one tone. We will have to wait for the rest of the details.