Google Pixel 4: Google Makes It Official

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There were already a few major leaks showing us what the next Google Pixel 4 will be offering more specifically the square camera hump. Well, Google has now released an official rendering of the upcoming device which also confirms the hump.

We will probably have to wait until October before we can actually get our hands on the Pixel 4 so it is still a little bit too early right now but it looks like Google is trying to stay ahead of the leaks.

The square camera hump seen in the rendering showed that the device will be fitted with a dual-camera setup, a flash and a sensor which many believe will be used for gesture-based control.

No other details were given but reports are claiming that the device will not only come with an updated camera but it will also come with updated specs, in-display fingerprint sensor and more.

What other updates are you hoping to see this time?