Google Pixel 4: Only Sprint Onboard

The Google Pixel 4 will come with RCS messaging support but only if you purchase the smartphone with a certain carrier.

It was revealed by 9to5Google that both Verizon and T-Mobile will not support RCS messaging on Pixel 4 but Sprint customers will be happy to know that the carrier will support it.

RCS will add features to the device like reading receipts, allow higher-quality attachments, have typing indicators and more. Google has been trying to make RCS the new way of messaging on Android to replace MMS and SMS but so far, it looks like there is still a lot of issues that Google has not iron out and they are still struggling to get it to take off.

Of course, while the support might not be there from the start, we might see it getting added to the device later on similar to what we saw on Pixel 3 where the support from Verizon came a few months after the device was launch.

Author: Staff Reporter

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