Google Pixel 4 XL Will Take Notch Out Of The Picture

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It was clear from the start that the consumers are not too happy with the notches that keep appearing on a smartphone but most of us also understand why it was necessary to have the notch but Google did not give up.

New leaked images of what many believe is the upcoming Google Pixel 4 XL have been appearing online and if this is the real deal, it looks like the next Google Pixel 4 XL will come without a notch in the front and a dual-camera setup in the back.

One other thing that was suggested was that the Pixel 4 XL would come with an in-display fingerprint scanner so there will be no fingerprint sensor in the back or in the front.

The device is said to come with a 6.25inch display screen. So far, everything sounds pretty standard other than the notch but it is said that Google still have a few more tricks.