Google Stadia: Addressing The Fears

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Google Stadia, the upcoming new game-streaming service from Google will be arriving later this year and unlike the normal consoles, there will be no hardware to accompany this service other than the controllers.

How the Stadia works is that players will stream their games from the cloud which means players will not own a physical copy of the game. This had led many to question Google on what will happen if Stadia shuts down as that is not something that we have not seen before.

According to Andrey Doronichev, Stadia’s director of product, they are aware of the concerns but added that the same fear was present when music, movies, and photos starting going from physical to digital and things worked out for those.

He also added that Google is committed to making it a success but of course, the reality is that if Stadia does not work out and Google shuts it down, those people will not have access to their games.

Stadia service will go online this November and it will cost $10USD a month to access the games or you can get the Stadia Founder’s Edition which will come with a controller, Chromecast Ultra, Stadia Pro, Destiny 2 and more. That will cost $130.