Google Stadia Gets A Summer Announcement Date

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When Google first announced the Stadia, there left a lot of information out with then lead to more questions by their fans but Google will be ready to answer some of them soon as the tech company teases that we will be getting more information this summer.

Google tweeted that they will be releasing more details about their Stadia. One information that we could be learning about is the price of the Stadia as well as the game announcements and launch information which is basically most of what the fans wanted to know about.

Of course, the summer is a pretty huge release window but some people think that we might actually get to learn more about it at E3 2019 which also happens to be happening in the SUmmer.

Google Stdia is a new game platform from Google that focuses only on streaming. Besides Google, Microsoft is also working on a streaming project of their own called Project xCloud that will be competing with the Google Stadia.