Google Wants To Users To Use Gestures

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While getting to control some features with hand gestures is not unheard of, we have not really seen anything that is actually impressive enough but that could be changing soon as it was reported that Google was just given the federal green light for their Project Soli, a tiny radar project from 2015.

Google has been working on this project for years now. Instead of having to tap the screen to get things done, Google wants users to use different gestures to control some smart devices like a smartwatch and smart speaker.

The device will be fitted with a tiny radar sensor that would sense your hand motion and does the action without you having to touch it. Some issues that Google had with this tech in the past was that the radar could not pick up the gestures accurately and means that the users will have to try a few times before they can actually get the device to understand what they want it to do.

Google explained that this was because of the low power levels the smartwatch had to operate because of the Federal Communication Commission’s restrictions. Google has since applied so that they can operate it at a higher power level and FCC granted them the waiver at the end of last year.

We still do not know when Google will offer this to the public but it is clear that they are moving towards that direction.