Google Will Update EV Drivers Of Charging Ports Status Now

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As much as we like what the never EV models are offering in terms of range, there is no denying that charging up an EV model is not as convenient as filling up your petrol or diesel model but Google has it made it a little easier with a new feature on their Google Map.

The updated Google Maps will now show real-time availability of charging ports. Users will need to search for EV Charging Stations on the app to see the list of chargers near them and also see how many open ports there are at each station.

With this, EV owners won’t have to waste their time driving to the station only to find that they are all occupied. The new feature is supported by the desktop version of Google Maps as well as the Android and iOS app.

The feature is only available in the US and the UK right now but hopefully, we will see more regions getting the feature soon.