HTC 10 Stays Ahead Of Samsung Galaxy S7 In Software Support!

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HTC is an Android OEM that is in deep financial trouble but that isn’t stopping the company from staying ahead of Samsung on a certain front.

We are particularly referring to after-sales software support, something which HTC is handling better than the most dominant brand on the planet, Samsung.

In case you never owned a HTC product before, you should know that the HTC 10 from 2016 has already been updated to Android Oreo and the firmware was rolled out over the air last month.

When compared to the Galaxy S7 which is of the same age, Samsung is still struggling with the release of Oreo and rumours are now claiming that the update has been cancelled due to the age of the device.

With HTC doing whatever it takes to survive in a saturated smartphone world, you may want to consider adopting their products if your ultimate requirement is long-term software support.

The same can’t be said for Samsung as their mass offerings is not being backed up by their commitment to ensure timely updates for their users.