HTC One M10 Won’t Happen, HTC 10 Instead?

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It is no secret that HTC is developing their next flagship device and the smartphone is tentatively known as the One M10. That is until today when we learned that there won’t be a One and an M in the name of the device.

If you are to follow HTC’s marketing page, they are teasing the device with the tag, the power of 10. Today, a spokesperson from HTC shared that the device will be called the HTC 10.

According to the rumours, the HTC 10 will be wrapping up the entire One M-series and it will allow HTC to move on to future projects. The ending of the M-Series will also give HTC the space to rebrand their smartphone division after facing heavy criticism in recent years.

The only question left to be answered is will the HTC 10 finish of the M-series with a bang or will it fails like previous One M-devices? All will be answered once HTC unveils the 10 at an event taking place later this month. What do you think?