HTC Preparing To Say Goodbye?

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Things have been pretty quiet on the side of HTC when it comes to smartphones. The new Google Pixel 3a smartphone might be made by HTC but it does not look like HTC might have something fo their own to offer.

Well, it looks like HTC’s smartphone department is still hanging in there as they have just announced the release schedule for the Android 9 Pie update, something that a lot of people thought will not be coming anymore.

The first HTC smartphone to get the Android 9 Pie update will be the HTC U11 smartphone. Users should be seeing the update at the end of this month. The next smartphone to get the update will be the U12 Plus smartphone followed by the U11 Plus in June. Other HTC smartphones users will probably have to give up on ever seeing the Android 9 Pie update coming their way.

As for what HTC plans to offer in terms of smartphones, nobody really knows yet. Some people think that HTC might be looking to stop offering smartphones of their own and that the U12 Plus could be the last HTC smartphone.