HTC U11: Android Pie Confirmation A Little Too Late?

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HTC’s financial struggles have put them at risk of shutting down and this explains why the tech giant has been looking for a stellar creation that can turn their fortunes around.

The latest U12 Plus was thought to be that phone but HTC has somehow found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Their decision to raise the price of the U12 Plus and the removal of a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle has basically turned 2018 into a long year of financial decline.

But on the positive note, HTC has been scoring big in terms of after-sales services. A report went viral earlier this month when it indicated that HTC offers free screen repairs for users with a damaged unit.

Today, HTC has confirmed that the U11 family will be getting Android Pie in the coming month and this will make it an early-bird at getting the latest Android firmware.

It all seem nice but we don’t think that it will be enough to save HTC from their financial struggles. The tech giant really need to build a phone that is budget-friendly and more catering to the larger crowd.