HTC U12 Has Made Company 80% Poorer

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HTC’s finances have been in a state of turmoil for many years already and it is amazing to see the company not giving up in the market at all. Despite making losses for many years already, HTC persevered and brought out the U12 Plus (U12+).

Well, HTC is probably regretting that decision today as the U12 Plus has failed to make money for the Taiwanese-based company. Instead, it has led HTC to hit a new record low on the finances.

As how it was reported today, HTC’s Q3 financial statement confirmed that the company has lost 80% of its revenue and this has placed them in the danger zone. The tech company has only got themselves to blame for it as they spiked the price of the U12+ but removed all the good features on a smartphone.

Sure, the U12 Plus may just be following the market trends like removing the 3.5mm audio jack but HTC should know better that they have never been in a position to defy the demand in the market. Perhaps, with the new financial low, HTC can pull off a massive comeback with an award-winning phone in 2019.