HTC U12 Plus Gets Suicidal By Being Cheap!

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HTC is one of those popular smartphone manufacturers from the early days that are struggling to survive in the market and they have been looking for a game-changing device for many years already.

It was thought that the U11 was going to be that phone but the sudden removal of the headphone jack has generated more criticism than praised. The good news here is that the world is getting used to not having a 3.5mm jack on smartphones and this paints a bright prospect for the all-new U12 Plus.

We were actually curious to see if the U12 Plus can shake the cash out of our wallets and we went ahead to check out the phone in person. It was then when we realized that the U12 Plus has a flaw and it is the absence of a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle.

The accessory that allows use of a wired headphone was offered for free back in the U11 and its unavailability in the U12 Plus’ box can make it a hassle to get the phone. We just can’t seem to understand why HTC can’t offer a $12 dongle with the U12 Plus out of the box.

It’s just amazing how HTC can shoot themselves in the foot when we were already interested in the U12 Plus. They really need to work on their product offerings in the future.