HTC U12 Plus Is A Recipe For Disaster From The Very Beginning

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The U12 Plus, or U12+, is a flagship phone from HTC for 2018 and it is a device which the tech company would want to forget about quickly. This is because the U12+ has turned out to become a disaster in the market.

It was reported last week that the flagship smartphone has recorded a 2-year low in sales since it made its debut – something which HTC will definitely cry about since they were heavily hoping for the phone to change their slumping fortune in the market.

Well, HTC has got only themselves to blame for this because their decisions with the U12+ has made the phone a flop from the very beginning. One example is with the inability to offer a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack converter inside the box.

It’s a bizarre decision for HTC to make because they did offer such a thing with the U11 and the dongle cost a mere $12. It is already bad enough that the U11 didn’t come with an audio jack but the phone managed to do better than the U12 thanks to the dongle.

In short, HTC has shot themselves in the foot here and it is fair time for them to realize that the voice of the consumers matters when developing a game-changing smartphone.