HTC U12 Plus Is Officially A Flop…As Predicted!

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It is official. HTC’s flagship phone for 2018, the U12 Plus, is a flop on the sales front and HTC has got only themselves to blame for it.

It was reported earlier today that HTC’s June sales have slumped by a margin of 68% which makes it the biggest fall in over 2 years. This is an outcome we have expected for the U12 Plus after reading about HTC’s approach with the phone.

There isn’t a lot wrong with the U12 Plus as most of the fault is with how HTC handled the device. For starters, they demand more than $800 for those interested in the phone. It’s a significant increment from the U11 and this is a risky manoeuvre from HTC.

It gets worse when you realize that the U12 Plus is not getting any support from US carriers hence those wanting the device will need to pay a hefty fee for the unlocked model.

The biggest shot in the foot for HTC is through the removal of the USB Type C to 3.5mm jack adapter from the box. The axing of the $12 dongle has saved HTC a small amount of cash but it also means losing more consumers.