HTC U12 Plus Self-Destructs By Going Cheap!

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HTC is a smartphone manufacturer that is having a tough time balancing their chequebooks and if they have been desperate for a game-changing flagship device.

The U11 from 2017 was thought to be that phone but a decision from HTC has left the device with a limited market to tap on. It is the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack. The missing feature has repelled away many interested buyers but HTC was able to make a little gain thanks to their decision to offer a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle.

For this year, the consumers are beginning to tolerate the missing 3.5mm feature and this has raised the prospects for the all-new U12. But since the phone made its debut, there has been nothing but agony for HTC as the U12 has become a flop on the sales front.

The U12 recorded HTC’s lowest sales in 2 years in its first month and many blamed it on the absence of the aforementioned dongle. The dongle is worth $12 and the fact that it is not offered with the U12 has left consumers looking at other phones.

It’s an unfortunate incident really as HTC has found a way to self-destruct yet again. The company is in a sticky financial situation and basic mistakes like this is unacceptable.