HTC U12 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Race To Android P!

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The U12 Plus is the next major smartphone to come from HTC and it will be taking over from where the U11 left off. This means that you can expect the U12 Plus to arrive with all the great things on the U11 and among them is quick firmware upgrades.

HTC has never been the fastest brand when it comes to releasing Android upgrades but we can commend the company for being better than Samsung. Considering that HTC is struggling greatly on the financial end, the Taiwanese tech-firm was still able to hand the old HTC 10 and U11 the Android Oreo OS well-ahead of the flagship phones from Samsung.

Yes, you read that right. For a rough picture on this, the much older HTC 10 received Android Oreo a full month ahead of the Galaxy S8. Things are not expected to improve with the new S9 as Samsung has never really gotten better with the handling of firmware upgrades.

With that being said, the upcoming U12 is unlikely to rival the S9 on volume sales but it will be winning the hearts of the users by getting Android P ahead of the phones from Samsung.