HTC U13: Going Midrange Can Stop Financial Misery

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The HTC U12 Plus is a decent flagship smartphone which you can buy but in the segment it competes in, decent isn’t enough for it to achieve high-flying sales.

It doesn’t help knowing that HTC has shot themselves in the foot through removing the 3.5mm audio jack and even deprive the phone from having a USB Type-C to 3.5mm dongle loaded in the box.

It’s a recipe for disaster and it has led the U12 Plus into becoming the worst selling HTC smartphone in 5 years. Such a happening is also causing a financial rupture for HTC and next year could be a do or die year for the Taiwanese tech company.

For 2019, HTC is likely to launch the U13 and their desperation to turn their fortunes around may led them into downgrading the U-series with the sequel product. Rumours are already claiming that the U13 won’t have a flagship setup as it will rely on the Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB of RAM.

HTC will also work towards focussing on significant camera improvements with the U13 and consider reinstating the 3.5mm audio jack feature.

Such a setup can certainly revive the appeal of HTC smartphones and all that is left is for the U13 to feature an attractive price tag. Anything cheaper than $400 can raise the sales prospects of the U13 hence creating the potential for a financial recovery.