HTC U13 Leaves Company In Financial Ultimatum

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HTC is a Taiwanese-based phone manufacturer that has been going on a plunge for many years already and they have never stopped trying to produce a flagship phone that can change their fortune.

The U12 was thought to be that life-saving device from HTC but it ended up damaging the company’s finances more. The U12 debuted to a new record-low sales month and things haven’t improved since.

Today, it was reported that HTC has struck a new low after September saw the company losing 80% of its revenue. This is a sharp drop and HTC has got themselves to blame for it.

The once-great tech company could have reversed their fortunes with better marketing and producing phones that are tailored to the needs of the people both feature-wise and price-wise.

Instead, HTC decided to follow the trends in the industry by removing traditional features from their phones without covering it with something exceptional.

With the financial sheets printed in bold red this year, 2019 may just be the final attempt for HTC to save themselves. The obvious says that HTC will launch the U13 as their next flagship but we don’t think that will happen at all.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and HTC may put a stop-order on their flagship program to become a midrange market competitor like Nokia and Motorola. It’s an ultimatum for HTC to make.