HTC U13 Poise For Flagship Exit To Turn Fortunes Around

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The latest U12 Plus has left HTC at a record new low as sales of the phone has been hugely disappointing. Some reports cited that the U12 Plus has recorded the lowest sales in 5 years for HTC.

The unbearable performance of the U12 Plus in the market will certainly leave HTC in a dilemma when working on their products for next year. The norm would say that HTC will bring out the U13 in 2019 but we don’t expect the device to be an evolution from the U12 Plus, or even a revolutionary product.

HTC is really in a sticky financial situation right now and we believe that the best way out for them is to stop making high-end flagships and turn the U13 into an above average mid-ranger like the Nokia 7.1 Plus.

This will see the U13 having a borderline-flagship performance thanks to the use of a Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB of RAM. While at it, HTC can perhaps reverse their unpopular decisions like reinstating the 3.5mm audio jack feature.

It is fair time for compromises for HTC through the U13, especially when the ordinary battle plan has not worked out well for the company.