HTC U13 Would Be The End For HTC?

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Despite their best effort, it does seem like HTC just can’t get their smartphone right. While their devices are not technically the worst, it does not stand out at all and will often get outshine by their competitors.

People had high hopes that the HTC U12 was going to be the smartphone to turn things around for them but it did not with report suggest that the after September, the company is now losing 80% of its revenue. It is believed that HTC’s decision to remove of the more important features and offer no replacement or alternative is what ruins the HTC U12.

With the U12 now failing to be the savior they needed, all eyes will be on the HTC U13. There was some speculation that HTC might stop offering their flagship model and work at offering on midrange smartphones just like Nokia and Motorola but if they do come out with a flagship, what do you think they should be focusing on?