HTC Vive Cosmos: What We Know Now

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HTC did hint that they were going to release announce some sort of VR device at CES 2019 this year and at CES, we got to see the new Vive Cosmos, the new VR headset from the company.

With the Cosmos, HTC seems to be looking to solve some of the issues that the previous HTC VR headset has. According to HTC, the device will provide “absolute comfort” and “easy set up”. On top of that, the headset is said to offer the Vive experience without all the external tracking devices.

The most impressive part is that the HTC Cosmos can be used for both homes or on the go. However, those were the only details that HTC were willing to reveal at this time and only that it will be coming soon. We know that HTC’s Vive Day will be happening on the 5th of April which is where we will learn more about the Viveport Infinity but we are not sure if HTC will also be revealing more about the HTC Cosmos.

HTC also talked about the Vive Pro Eye at CES, a headset that focuses on eye-tracking.