HTC Vive New VR Product Heads To CES 2019

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The VR Gaming scene is taking off slower than we thought it would but it is clear that HTC is not ready to give up on it yet as it looks like they are looking to show us a new VR gear at CES this year.

HTC release a new teaer image showing what looked like a new VR gear that they will be showing off at CES 2019. The image was accompaniesd by a tweet that the announcement will be about a “gear”. CNET also took a closer look at the image and added that the work on it might be “Vive Port”, “Vive Gloves” or “Vive Cloud”.

Luckily, CES 2019 is not actually that far away so we only have to wait a lttle longer for the annoucnement. While CES is ussually where tach and electronic comapnies come to show off their latest product, we have been seeing more and more automaker attending the event to show off their latest EV model and latest techs.

CES 2019 will start on the 8th of January and will go on unti the 11th of January.