HTC Will Continue Smartphone Journey

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HTC smartphones have not been doing that well in the last few years with the latest HTC U12 not doing that well too, there were speculations that HTC might choose to step out of the smartphone market.

It was speculated that HTC might choose not to offer any more smartphones or choose to stop offering high-end models and focus only on the mid and low range models. Well, according to HTC, they have no plans to exit the mobile industry right now and that they will continue to release more high-end and mid-range device next year.

Some of the reason why HTC’s U12 did not do well despite its amazing specs was because the US carriers and retailers were not brought in for distribution. Others blame the boring specs as well as lack of advertising campaign as the reason behind why it did not sell well.

As of now, we still have no idea what HTC plans to do with the U13 but we are hoping that they will have more to offer instead of us offering a device with all the top specs.