HTC Won’t Give Up On Their U13 Yet

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While the HTC U12 was not bad at all, it just wasn’t special enough for people to actually want to own more than their rivals. That along with some bad decisions that HTC made for the device was what brought it down.

As if HTC needed more reason for people to not get it, HTC decided to offer the U12 without some traditional features like the headphone jack. In the end, the HTC U12 was a huge flop and some people predicted that HTC might finally throw in the towel. Others think that they might give up trying to compete with the other premium smartphone and focus on the mid-range and low-range model only.

Well, that is not what HTC has in mind as the company announces that they will continue to work on their flagship and is committed to releasing another premium smartphone next year. We are not sure if it is going to be the U13 but hopefully this time, they would choose to bring back the headphone jack.