HTC Won’t Sell More To Save Themselves

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We know that HTC’s smartphone department has not been pulling their own weight this year and it looks like things are going downhill from here. Despite that, HTC does not seems to be interested in offering more smartphones to reduce the cost.

HTC has made it clear that despite the bad year, they are dead set on releasing the U12 Plus model. It also looks like they won’t be changing anything up and will continue as usual. While HTC used to do well in the lower range segment, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and other Chinese manufacturers has been giving them a run for their money.

It also does not look like the VR division is doing well enough to pick up the slack. The company did release 1500 employees this summer to cut expenses but if things don’t start improving soon, we might see it go from bad to worst.

With 2018 coming to an end and 2019 starting soon, let’s hope HTC has something in place that will hopefully turn things around for them.