Huawei Mate X Learns From Samsung’s Mistake

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Things did not go according to Samsung’s plan when it comes to their Samsung Galaxy Fold device and Huawei is not about to make the same mistake as the smartphone manufacturer has just announced that they will be pushing back the release of their Huawei Mate X as well.

According to Huawei, they want to take a little more time to do some extra test on their Mate X before they officially release it and because of that, the Mate X will only be arriving in September.

Huawei added that they do not want to launch a product that will ultimately do damage to their reputation. Huawei is already dealing with the problem of getting placed on the Entity List which means it cannot use parts or tech from US companies. This means it will not be able to use the Android OS anymore.

Despite that, Huawei has assured fans that the device will still run on Android out of the box. The Huawei Mate X will come with a $2600 price tag.